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How to become a high-performing Employee

High-performing employees are the most important asset of a business - and they are always first in line for promotions and pay rise. However, becoming a high-performing employee requires more than just being on time and doing your job. Ready to go the extra mile?

How to ask for a salary raise or a promotion

Sometimes, even if your manager values your contribution and achievements, they might not give you a raise just like that - you might have to ask for one. Asking for a raise can be stressful, so much so, that some people would rather leave their job for a higher-paid, rather than ask for the raise they deserve. There's nothing wrong with asking for a pay rise - there are just some approaches that will bring you better results than others!

How to deal with a difficult manager

Almost every employee throughout their career will have to deal with a difficult manager. It can be demanding at best, and distracting or stressful at worst, affecting your sleep and work performance. The good news is that there's always the right approach to take.

How to manage disputes with a colleague

Even the most empathetic and collaborative team members can sometimes get frustrated and upset with each other. It is crucial to handle and resolve conflict the moment it occurs, rather than allowing matters to affect productivity and teamwork.

How to handle long term sickness

Unsure how you should handle your long term sickness? Concerned about the measurements your employer could take and how you can prevent a potential dismissal? Speak with an expert.

How to prepare for a job interview

There are thousands of articles online, with tips on how to impress your interviewer. But is it always fit for purpose? Our experts will consult with you and ensure that you will be prepared to face any challenge of an interview successfully. You will receive a coaching plan and a step by step guide, tailored to your personality, industry, and level of seniority.