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Outsourcing your HR

We are adding value to your business through our premium package. If you are a large organisation with a complex HR function, or a small business aiming to become an "Employer of Choice", we help you to take your business forward. We take over the whole HR function of your organisation, managing the workforce, and providing excellence through our highly experienced and qualified HR consultants.


What is included:

HR Audit

We conduct a free HR Audit to evaluate potential risks, identify any gaps, and ensure the legal compliance of your business. We present and propose key points and features that would secure compliance and improve the working environment.


Employee Wellbeing Scheme

Every employer who is willing to go the extra mile should work towards their Employee Wellbeing. We present and propose an introductory Employee Wellbeing Scheme, which can be discussed, enriched, and amended on demand. Employee satisfaction is vital for every organisations, as it increases productivity and may balance hidden costs.


24-hour HR and Employment Law Advice

We know that usual things happen at the most unusual hours. Our highly qualified experts are always at the end of the line. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

It can be an Employment law issue or an HR task. No matter what is the nature of your query and how long it takes to be resolved, you can call our 24-hour advice line and get the correct answer.


It could be:


Sick leave

Holiday pay

Disciplinary matter




Contracts of Employment






KPIs and features are essential to understand what you have achieved, what you have to improve, and where you stand.


We take care of all the paperwork, keep all employee records and files, including their absences, leave days, maternity documentation, performance rates, and disciplinary records.


Payroll Administration

We retain all employee payroll records and files, legal documentation, and changes and ensure that everything is in place when it comes to the end of the month.

We ensure that salaries, bonuses, commission, pension, vouchers, gifts or discounts, sick leaves, maternity leaves, holidays are correctly recorded and added on the database. We get everything ready and liaise smoothly with your accounts department or the payroll provider of your choice.


General Administration and Compliance

We keep Employment Contracts, Policies & Procedures, Employee Handbook, Intranet, and Documentation compliant and up to date.

We ensure GDPR, IR35, Visas and Immigration, and H&S Compliance.

We take over benefits' paperwork (private medical insurance, cash plans, cycle-to-work schemes, etc.), annual renewals, and administration.

We monitor exit interviews, induction schedules, performance appraisals.


First consultation and first training session for free!

Building connection is important to us. Adding value to your business and our services is equally important. We provide a 1-hour free remote training session of your choice for staff, or managers, or executives.  Looking for more? We provide the first 1-hour consultation for free! We will have the opportunity to e-meet you, get an idea of your culture, values, and objectives, interact with staff, and discuss several HR topics.



Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a customised quote on a retained basis. That includes a base price per employee per month, which can be topped up with some retainer hours, according to the specific needs of the organisation.



Join our premium package and get an extra 20% discount on all of our additional services!


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